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Losing weight has never tasted so good.

Bistro MD Gourmet Diet

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Read user reviews and comments
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Losing weight has never tasted so good. Visit the official Bistro MD Gourmet Diet website for more information.

Bistro MD Gourmet Diet Reviews

by on at 11:41 AM CDT
I have tried many diets and have successfully lost weight on most of them. What makes Bistro MD different is......I am not constantly hungry! I am not "white-knuckling" it until it is time to eat again. I often have to look at the clock and remind myself it IS time to eat again using the Bistro MD plan.

On every other plan I have tried, after 2-3 weeks, I am fighting cravings. But not cravings for fat and sugar...cravings for FOOD, like a grilled chicken breast sandwich or a lean sirloin burger. Not craving anything on Bistro MD.

The plan has plenty of protein and fiber to keep you from getting hungry and giving in to cravings. The meals are quite varied and unlike other plans, some of the meals DO include beef and pork, which I definitely missed on other plans. But if you DON'T want to eat these foods (or fish or shellfish), you just let Customer Service know and they will work around YOUR specific preferences.

Don't be too quick to rule out certain foods though, because I have tried some things I NEVER would have chosen on my own and found I liked them - like cauliflower puree (yummy!) and yucca.

I look forward to getting my Bistro MD meals each week. They are quite tasty and very satisfying! My 7-year-old son has even tried some of these things when I let him have a bite, and he has liked them all, which is a definite bonus!
by on at 10:15 PM CST
I had a number of reasons to look at BistroMD. I was diagnosed with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis and found the simpliest of tasks difficult to do - including food prep. This was compounded by never having been a good cook, had very little time to cook, and being overweight for decades - so I was definitely in the market for a prepared meal plan. Unfortunately I tried another meal service first, primarily due to cost and ability to select my own meals. Bad Choice! When that didn't work out, I looked around and BistroMD looked like the best option - even though I was still hesitant that I couldn't pick my own meals.

I have to say I have NEVER BEEN HAPPIER since I've been with BistroMD! The food is so good, the meals are balanced and I have experienced and enjoyed new foods that I would have never considered selecting for myself or eating. I eat better now that I ever have and enjoy the food immensely. It is truly delicious and of equal quality to the prepared food I used to pick up at a local gourmet market. If I find a meal that doesn't suit me, all I have to do is contact Customer Service and I never see the meal again! Conversely, there are a few meals that are on my all-time favorites list and my dietitian incorporates them into my weekly plan when they are available. The Customer Service team is phenomenal and truly cares that customers are satisfied - as does all of the BistroMD team.

I look forward to my delivery box every week and ooh and ahh the selections for the week without realizing I'm doing it! Time and convenience is important but, especially for me, so is quality. I have found the best of all worlds with BistroMD and often pass up eating out for my BistroMD meals - that's saying a lot for me! The meals are substantial and the most amazing part of the plan is that you lose weight easily and effortlessly. All in all - BistroMD is a winner in my book!
by on at 8:30 PM CST
I have been ENJOYING BistroMD's meals for almost 2 years!! The first attraction was there was'nt a sign up fee, like the other plans. Once I received my first weeks meals I discovered that this food was, EXTREMELY DELICIOUS!!! It, truly, is like having my very own chef. I lead a very busy life, and wanted to lose weight with REAL food. BistroMD was all of that and MORE. Healthy, chef prepared food, with appropriate portion sizes. Also, I cannot say enough about BISTROMD's customer service, they are always willing to help you, and make any change you request.. Absolutely no restrictions, no joining fees, no commitment of time, just SAVOURY FOOD, AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE, and a nutritionist available should you need one. It is so nice when I come home late and don't even have to "think" about what to eat, I just reach in to the freezer and in 7 minutes I have a GOURMET meal. There has not been a meal I haven't liked, as a matter of fact I am eating foods I normally wouldn't try!! I have found this to be less expensive Than grocery shopping and preparing meals for myself. After almost 2 years I can HONESTLY say BISTROMD is the food program EVERYONE should experience.. You will NOT have any regrets. Check out their FACEBOOK PAGE!!!
Visit the official Bistro MD Gourmet Diet website
Visit Official Site Visit Official Bistro MD Gourmet Diet Site
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Bottom Line
Losing weight has never tasted so good. Visit the official Bistro MD Gourmet Diet website for more information.

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