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NameStory Rating
Nichola R9.1000
Ryan Moore9.0000
Fran Roberts8.8500
Sheilagh Patterson8.8261
Steve Lundberg8.8108
Allison Lee8.8077
Don Pert8.7500
Charlie Williams8.7143
Billy Hanes8.6667
Lily Buncombe8.6250
Dave Lange8.5833
Don Riley8.5000
Hilary Rawlston8.5000
Julie Planard8.4737
Shawn Keegan8.3333
Jeannette M8.3000
Samuel Periera8.2955
Suzanne Brown8.2917
Shawn McAdams8.2000
Martha Wilkinson8.0000
Johnny Masterson7.8750
Polly K7.6250
Bill Stratford7.4500
Karen Walmer7.2039
Charmaine Lucipet7.0952
Logan Cohen7.0825
Sharice Patterson6.8889
Eddie Smith6.8571
Mitzie Crockford6.6667
John Yoo6.5185
Andy Simmons6.5000
Becky Engel6.4286
Andy Gibbon6.1366
Terry Adams6.0878
Jennifer Stovich6.0537
Amy Redding6.0000
Bertha Cobbin6.0000
Morgan Reynolds5.7692
Florence Brier5.5000
John Stinson5.4643
Ted Snider5.3333
Dawn Clarke5.2174
Dana Ellis5.1111
Jack Newham4.3889


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Top 10 Diets

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-1 vote for Nutrisystem
+1 vote for Medifast Diet
+1 vote for Bistro MD Gourmet Diet
+1 vote for Diet-to-Go
+1 vote for The South Beach Diet
+1 vote for Jillian Michaels
+1 vote for Joy Bauer's LIFE Diet
+1 vote for The Sonoma Diet
+1 vote for eDiets
+1 vote for The Zone Diet
+1 vote for Jenny Craig
+1 vote for Weight Watchers
+1 vote for Atkins Diet
+1 vote for Alli Diet Pills
+1 vote for Nutrisystem
-1 vote for Jenny Craig
-1 vote for Nutrisystem
-1 vote for Jenny Craig
+1 vote for Weight Watchers
-1 vote for Nutrisystem