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Jenny Craig

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Read user reviews and comments
Read user reviews and comments
Users do not like this diet
Bottom Line
Many readers complain that Jenny Craig costs too much with an average cost of $500 to $650 a month. Save your money and stick with better choices like Nutrisystem or Medifast Diet.

Jenny Craig Reviews

by on at 4:46 PM CDT
I am appalled at the overwhelming amount of negative comments about Jenny Craig.

Here is my story:

It was May of 2006, I was in my fourth and final year of college. I had a GPA >3.0 and was feeling on top of the world, not only for my accomplishment, but for the many offers from various firms and companies that were coming in week after week. One week before my commencement I was driving in my little 4door Hyundai and was hit by an SUV, my car skipped over into the next lane of oncoming traffic and slammed into a telephone pole. I literally saw my life flash before my eyes. My car was totaled, I was wrecked, and not too thankful at the time to be alive. I couldn't dress myself, shower on my own, or even get in and out of the bed without having to ask someone for help. I also experienced nightmares and flashbacks of the accident. I was sooo depressed that I turned to food and drink as comfort (which I did not realize until after joining Jenny Craig as a client and employee). So after my Physical Therapy started, I realized that I had done further damage to myself. I didn't recognize the "thing" staring at me in the mirror or taken in pictures. I was a recent college graduate, unemployed, fat, and depressed. So I started to try and lose weight on my own. I have always been interested in nutrition, and was lucky enough to have a mom who only kept nutritious and heart healthy foods in the house as a child. I had never struggled with weight, so I found it very difficult to lose. I couldn't go back to Tae Bo, Kickboxing, Dancing, Running or Jogging. I was still suffering from my injuries and permanent nerve damage. I almost gave up. Then I went online to read reviews about different weight loss pills and programs. Somehow I ended up on the JC website and something spoke to me. Fortunately, I noticed that they were also hiring a Client Service Coordinator.

I applied online, passed the phone interview, and then went in Centre to fill out an application, and go through two interviews. My Centre Director was genuine, soft spoken, and sincere. She not only saw a need to fill a position in her Centre, but also a need to help me. She offered the "Be the Brand Program" which helps employees to actively pursue a healthy weight range. I've been a JC client and employee since then. I truly believe in the Jenny Craig program, you have to find what works for you. I lost over 33lbs, and I'm only 5'1,but I like to say I'm 5'2! I've been maintaining my weight loss now for 2years and continue to believe in what JC has to offer others. "We make people feel better, look better, and live healthier lives by providing individualized, safe, and effective weight loss and long term weight management." I've had clients who have lost 5lbs-100lbs, and treat them equally. As far as sales go, almost any and everything you do involves sales. i.e I was turned off from being a school psychologist when I learned the truth about ADD and ADHD, most of the forms provided to "diagnose" a child, are the forms created by the companies who generate and sell the medication used to "treat" those children. I can go on and on about sells and life, but the bottom line is, JC works if you stick to it. Yes, some Consultants are better than others, but thats anywhere you go from Doctors, to Sales Reps, to Tellers, etc. Its called industries.

Good luck to everyone on their weight loss journey.

Remember that "It's progress, not perfection."

by on at 4:52 PM CDT's plain and simple folks! Mrs. Craig is a SNOB who loves money, she is simply taking advantage of the one thing us women take personally...OUR WEIGHT ISSUES! The woman even owns a race horse for god sakes! Tell me this, why is it that we are going to the poor house on her programs and the darn woman gets a race horse?????...Come on here Jenny...make some sense to us!!! Lower the cost of your food...stop making us pay for the items you really DON'T need! Restructure your glorified grocery stores...make sure your counselors are qualified to make a correct decision regarding our weight loss management. Oh and...stop making us pay for your expensive commercials...we don't care who's fat in Hollywood! Make it work for US Jenny!!!!
by on at 6:06 PM CDT
I didn't want to write here, but someone needs to know that this program is horrible when it comes to customer service. Over two months ago I tried to cancel a food order.

I cannot get a refund. I have called so many times and each time they say it will be 8-10 business days - that has been many, many sets of 10 days ago.

I think they are thieves - or they are purposely not sending out refunds so they can make more money

Anyone considering this program should think twice - my next letter is to the Better Business Bureau

Users do not like this diet
Bottom Line
Many readers complain that Jenny Craig costs too much with an average cost of $500 to $650 a month. Save your money and stick with better choices like Nutrisystem or Medifast Diet.

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