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Jenny Craig

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Read user reviews and comments
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Many readers complain that Jenny Craig costs too much with an average cost of $500 to $650 a month. Save your money and stick with better choices like Nutrisystem or Medifast Diet.

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by on at 10:31 AM CST
I have read some of the posting on this website and I just had to add my thoughts on Jenny Craig. During my time on the program, I happened to become very ill and began experiencing gall bladder attacks. I did not receive any kindness from the entire Jenny Craig crew, they just kept encouraging me to buy more food, lose more weight. It was all about them and not me. They kept calling me to come back even after I had to have gall bladder surgery and I told them no.

The counselors never really helped me learn how to maintain weight beyond Jenny. I asked each time I went " how will you help me learn to maintain my weight?" I later found out that they wanted me to be on Jenny Craig forever. I was told most clients maintain using their food forever.

Included in my membership I was promised a partial refund of my membership cost if I had reached the goal weight set in the beginning of this process. When requesting my refund I was denided because I was10 pound less than the goal weight set I could not have the $$$$$$$ promised.

I know how hard it is too lose weight and try to keep it off. I have learned my lesson with Jenny Craig and do not recommend.

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